PFC Mission

The Veritas Christian Academy Parent Faculty Committee (PFC) is a group of parents and teachers who organize and facilitate fundraising projects and events, oversee projects that need direct parent / teacher involvement, and promote educational advancement and community presence. We are also committed to supporting the school board and faculty, while honoring God with our actions.

2017-2018 PFC Executive Board

Henock Tesfaw, President
Joe Taber, Vice President
Matt De Fina, Secretary
Scott Whitlock, Finance

Volunteers Needed

Please contact Henock Tesfaw for more information about getting involved.

Purchasing Guidelines

Please see First Christian School's Purchasing Policy prior to making any purchases on behalf of the school. If you do not read and understand this document in its entirety, you may not be eligible for reimbursement for items purchased using personal funds.

Meeting Minutes 2017-2018