Can I just say what an honor it has been for me to be able to attend FCS? There is no place that means more to me in the world. When I talk about FCS I don’t just mean the people, the whole building means a lot to me. First Christian is my home; Not metaphorically, but literally. When someone says the word home, FCS is the first thing to pop into my head. The walls contain so many precious memories that I will remember and cherish forever. FCS is my safe haven. I don’t just feel like I’m saying goodbye to my childhood, but my home as well. I know that I can come back and visit, and trust me I will, but to think that I will never get there in the morning and do flag salute at 8:15 and then walk through campus for the rest of the day, makes my heart break. I have such a deep love for this school and all the people in it. I consider FCS my family and I know that I would go to the ends of the earth for it. I surely would not be the person I am today if not for this wonderful place. I have made the best of friends and have learned so much about myself and who I am. I hope you are all aware that I fully intend to send my kids to school here one day. I also plan to be married in the church. There is no getting rid of me. My heart is breaking thinking of how little time I have left and I am working as hard as I can to make the most of it. I know I have shared this all many times before but I really want you to know what an amazing job you are doing and the God is certainly taking care of FCS. He has one heck of a plan for it and I am excited to see it be carried out.

Thank you for everything.
— Allyson Boon
To all of you teachers (and anyone else who cares!!) Today I came with a couple of Napa Fire Dept paramedics and we did CPR and first aid with the middle schoolers. I just wanted to pass on that both of the Fire Dept guys said to me several times what a great group of kids all the students were. One guy said “boy, this is so refreshing, such respectful kids”! All of the kids were so engaged and made us feel like it was really worth our time!

Thanks for all you do!!
— Shelley Gavitte
Our son and daughter both graduated from FCS. We genuinely treasured the opportunity we had for our children to attend FCS in the integral and influential elementary and middle school years. Even though it was a sacrifice financially, our children were shaped into who they are today in part due to the Christ-centered, academically-solid education taught them by a committed staff.
— Burt & Julie Polson
I personally believe that [our daughter] would not be the person she is today if we had moved her to a non-faith based education. The teachers at First Christian do more than teach. They challenge, they encourage critical thought, and they get to know the students as (as Mrs. Coon said) “her kids.” [Our daughter] has had the right teachers at nearly every stage, each providing what she needed for the year.
— Sam Link

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