How is First Christian School Different than Other Schools?

Small Class Sizes

Children’s development as life-long learners begins with a solid foundation in reading, writing, math, science and social studies, presented within a stimulating and enriched classroom environment. Our small classes enable teachers to truly get to know each student; developing the vital personal relationships that support their academic and social development.

Individualized Student Instruction

First Christian School’s curriculum has been carefully designed to offer a progression of skill development, incorporating a range of teaching strategies and methods. Because of FCS’s small class learning environment, our teachers are able to tailor the academic program to each student’s individual needs – whether they are ahead, behind or anywhere in between

Multi-sensory Teaching Approach

Our curriculum addresses the different learning styles and ability levels of students. Emphasis is placed on teaching that utilizes a multi-sensory approach which affords students opportunities to learn in their own particular styles.

Character Building

All students at FCS are expected to practice and grow in character. This includes all aspects of life, especially showing respect and obedience to those in authority, physical and moral cleanliness, and abstinence from things harmful to the body and society. All students are encouraged to grow through community service. Pre-school through 8th grade students are taught to give in tangible and intangible ways thus learning that it is truly better to give than receive.

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